Friday, February 14, 2014


This, I want this. Look, it's all round the canvass. It's just right for my room, above my bed. I might even clean up if I had it to inspire me.

I want it so much! It's by an artist, Louise O'Hara, who calls her business Drawn to Stitch. I love her stuff, the blues and browns and tiny houses and the texturing appeal to me at a deep level. They're even affordable, it's just that people with dead end part time jobs and no savings who have a list of practical things they should spend money on can't be buying art.

While I'm wanting this, I also want to snuggle in bed with someone while they read to me. There was a third thing, but happily, I can't remember it right now, which is good, because I can't have it either.

I was thinking the 'what if I had three wishes' thought today on the way to work, and I'm always conflicted about this, because, you know, world peace etc. but then I'd also like to be thin and fit and have all the bits of me that are wrong put right, as you do. But then I realised what the best wish would be - I would wish that everyone in the world was ok. Not perfect, just you know; no famine, no poverty, no disaster, no depression or mental illness, NO ABUSE. All those things, that make people... not ok. And then, even if I was still all the things I'd rather not be, I'd still feel ok. A 'good enough' wish. For all of us.

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catherine said...

thats beautiful Jo ..