Saturday, February 22, 2014

weird dream stuff

Despite getting nine hours sleep last night, I just fell asleep and had weird dreams. I dreamt that I had a wall of bookshelves!! Cheap ones, but bookshelves no less... and that there was far more space in them than I thought there was, and when I went to organise them and draw letters on with crayon, inside the doors on the wood, there were already letters and categories etched on. And also lots and lots of books from my parents' house - not all ones that I wanted, but there was actually space for them, and more.

I can only presume this means I have inner resources that I am unaware of.

I also dreamed the kids grew lettuce in a box of sandy earth that sprouted within hours, and we were all very excited about it. Also, in the bookshelf was a bottle that I had to plug into the kids (with a creepy headphone plug style thingy into the side of their butts) to vaccinate them twice a year. Though I'm pretty sure the bottle just contained olive oil and garlic... which I gave up trying to administer to Bodhi and ended up optimistically putting it on their salad.

This is because Olivia ate salad the other day... she asked for it and enjoyed it - cucumber, tomato (!) and avocado, with olive oil and salt. I was stunned. 

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Ms. Moon said...

Dreams- some parts we can figure out, others (like our very own subconsciousness) are just a mystery.