Tuesday, March 11, 2014

alright, universe...

I need a laptop. And money for my car, and a tooth extraction, and the book of Tolkein art, and that painting, and some new footwear, and shoes and summer clothes for the kids, and a holiday, more holidays. Come on, lottery ticket! Time is now!

I went away for the weekend. To an erotica writing conference. God, it was fun. I met online friends who are now real life friends - though the loveliest thing is when you realise after a little time together that it feels like you've always known each other face to face, not just for a few hours. I met new friends, and listened to lots of great people and had a pile of fun. I stayed in a posh hotel and ate hotel breakfasts and walked around Bristol, which is an extremely welcoming city. I'd go again, just for the river and the restaurants and bars and gentle ambience. I liked it a lot.

The Stable is a tasty pizza and cider restaurant. You order your food and pay at the bar - which surprised some, but I think it keeps life simple. Sometimes table service unnerves me. Also, everyone behind the bar is a studenty youth, glowing with health and pride in their hipster facial hair. It's all good. I even ended up going back twice, with a second group of people - mmm, pizza.

So, I splurged, and had some days away, made possible by winning a ticket and having a most generous friend to share the hotel with who refused to let me pay for it. It's hard to come back to the real world.. I arrived in work this morning at 8.35, my phone having died, so no alarm went off, to see students disappearing into their classes - they started at 8.30. Eep! So much for operation Don't Get Fired. Anyway... it's hard to readjust. I want to be somewhere nice getting hugs and rolling round a huge big hotel bed and talking and talking and eating a lot and feeling like maybe some things are a little more possible than I think.

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Ms. Moon said...

Did you get to meet D?