Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I had a shower this evening. Meant to do it this afternoon but there was a power cut, so I fell asleep instead, leaving the children to their own confused (non electrical) devices.

Time is weird for me at the moment. Too fast.

But, oh, what a nice shower. I'm a morning-showerer, mostly because freshly washed hair at night = weird morning hair. But today a sweet former student of mine was saying good bye to everyone, and approached me while I was on the phone to the mechanic, tears pouring down his face. Bless his heart! He's 17, he's been here for nine months, and now he's going home. He's a poppet. A sensitive one, with very strong aftershave, which I really needed to wash off myself after enfolding him in my comforting embrace.

I feel warmed and relaxed and clean now. Bodhi's finally in bed - late dog walk, shop, later dinner, my shower... it's 10.39! Eep! I really need to do my class for tomorrow and sleep, though I have a pile of unfinished, desperately late work to do. I just can't seem to find the energy for it. Caffeine doesn't do it anymore. I feel a strong yearning for a clean, comfy bed, and some huggling.

If there was a professional cuddler in the area, I might just hire them tonight, if I didn't need to find cash for a new car, exorbitant psychologist fees for someone to help us with Olivia (who's still not getting dressed or going to school), school fees I still haven't paid... so many things.

I don't know whether we should get this psychologist to help us or not. She's meant to be very good... a real expert, and v nice sounding... but will Olivia co-operate, or will it be a waste again? I just do not know... Stresssss. 

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