Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I forgot about the Eurovision. I have a sort of latent wish to watch it with someone and drink and giggle. Kids not interested, though, I doubt, and I should be working.

In other news, though, I hoovered the hall and washed the windows outside (front, at least), as I'd intended it, and my god, the view out is shiny now. HD windows...

Today I am mostly considering my social limitations, and the ways in which I get things wrong. I've done this before, but it doesn't seem to stick. Maybe this time. 


Ms. Moon said...

Some day I am going to wash windows. I swear.

Jo said...

Just do a couple! It's worth it even if you don't do any more. The light! The shinyness! I can see them sparkling even in the darkness from here, and I didn't even do the inside. I think they got covered in Saharan dust a few weeks ago, so the cleaning was really necessary.