Saturday, June 21, 2014

morning; longest day of the year

I woke up happy, today. Well... not exactly. Long dreams and too many whirling thoughts til I had to wake up and get up - but then there was yet more sunshine, and yesterday I made Guinness and Bailey's cupcakes for my students and colleagues, which everyone loved. So I had one for breakfast, in my sunny bed, with coffee - and I had an-almost swim yesterday (not all the way in because it was just too stony, but the temperature was surprisingly manageable) and this morning the feeling of peace and cleansedness in my skin and bones was still lingering and it all felt very good.

Olivia conspires to burst my bubble, with repeated complaints and aggression and insults when I fail to sympathise with her nasty bullshit about everything she hates about her little world. Don't get me wrong, I have sympathy for her mindset and her condition and how hard she makes everything for herself, but, at it's simplest level, she's being a bitch and harshing everyone else's attempts to just get on and enjoy themselves a little bit, and I've kind of reached the end of my tether with it. Shrug* This 'idiot and jerk' has had enough of the high-volumed abuse for one week.

Anyway, aside from that, today I make a strawberry cake for my friend Anne, whose anniversary she shares with my own ex-anniversary - today is Midsummer's Eve, which seemed like a perfect day to get married, and was for her - so I have a use for the giant box of strawberries in my fridge (that only cost €5.99, reminding me of the time I shocked Danielle with the confession that I'd paid a fiver for a box of strawberries, which he wrote on his blog as a 'box of zombies' in some strange unconscious moment, and always makes me laugh).

So - my day is cake, and cleaning, and the fervent hope that my children (read ASD daughter) will allow me to enjoy the party tonight. Fingers crossed!

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Ms. Moon said...

Happy Solstice, dear Jo! I wish all good things for you.