Monday, July 21, 2014

I went to get my annual boob check done today. I really love my doctor, she's just a sweet lady. Well, not just, she's many other things as well, but she's quite learned about breast cancer and she's American and I love her manner. Last time I saw her she told me my cervix was awesome (you may remember I reported that). This time she told me my breasts were perfect, which is a hilarious thing to say, but what she means is, there's nothing wrong with 'em.

The other thing she said was that our local(ish) hospital is finally starting to do some cutting edge breast cancer detection development, including thermogram options, which makes me feel very happy. She suggested mammograms from 40 onwards, which sounds good in terms of checking, but I have read too much about the possible negative effects of mammograms not to feel deeply stressed about the prospect. Thusly, I am delighted to hear there will be options.

You know what, though, I may have blogged about this years ago, but most of you probably weren't here so I'll do it again - some years ago, after I stopped breastfeeding my daughter (so, like, jesus, 9 or so years ago) one of my nipples started inverting, and I got sent for a sonogram scan. I got to the scan unit, and there was a bank of chairs in the middle of the reception area where I waited with lots of other people for a long time. Lots of general patients were hanging around and passing through too, it seemed.

Finally they sent me to a changing room to take off my top and bra, and put on the stanadard hospital gown. Then the told me to sit and wait in the very public reception again. Now, if I had wonderful peneumatic boobs, this might not have bothered me so much, but I really don't like to be in public bra-less unless I'm in a swimming pool. Y'know. Those gowns don't do much to make you feel less naked, much less in a very public place. Finally I was led through to the scan room - where I could have taken off my relevant clothes in about three seconds. I was so unimpressed. Do they just want patients cowed and demoralised before they go in to see the doctor? Next time, next time I'll decline the gown offer.  


Ms. Moon said...

It helps so much to have a doctor you like. So much. I don't know about the gown thing. I'm always so stressed out I don't care.

Jo said...

Hmm. I guess I'll take acute self consciousness over doctor anxiety, when you put it that way. It was just so unnecessarily publically humiliating...

But yes, I look forward to seeing this doctor. She told me not to worry about coming back for two years, and I was almost sad.