Sunday, July 13, 2014

my unsolicited opinion on football

Well... part of me wonders why a handful of very fit men running around after a ball and displaying considerable ball and athletic skills has to be such a very, very, very big deal. It's such a manly man man's world, the world cup, look at all those rich men running around making drama out of running around, generating inexplicable billions of dollars, and finding excuses to fondle and embrace each other.

Another part of me buys into it - the fitness, the youth, the desperate team endeavour, the sweat, tears and hair gel. The heroics of it. Well, in a World Cup, at least, the rest of the year leaves me unmoved at best, bored, more likely.

I loved Russel Brand's take on the match after that match, though:
After last night I can only enjoy football matches where a nation is forced to reexamine its entire identity and way of life

Meh. I have some Argentinians in my class tomorrow, I wonder how they'll be doing.

I'll be interested to see how the Women's World Cup goes next year, in Canada. Axl said he watched it last time, and it was good, just slower. I suspect I won't enjoy it as much, because the consolation prize of the World Cup for non-fans is the sweaty, teary, homo-erotic drama of it all, as I've said already. I'm not sure women injuring and consoling each other will hold the same thrall for me. 

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