Friday, July 11, 2014

You know those days when you're too tired to really deal with people much? I must push myself to bed earlier. It means working in the afternoons, when I'm too tired... oh god, I forgot to phone the Tax Office AGAIN. Yeesh. 


I want to nap. Olivia is looking for a friend to be social with, which is a good sign, but the notice is too short, and nothing is happening. She wants her friend Luke from school to come over. Luke is on the spectrum and can be a little ... taxing to deal with, much as my daughter can. Well, no, not in the same way. He's very cheerful. 

His mother though... also a certain kind of person, and right now I'm not feeling social. An evil, nap-questing part of me hopes they can't come. 

My veins are getting horrible visible. Blue veins, purple thread veins. Bruises, on my legs, all the time. I suppose I can relax until they start getting lumpy. I am ageing, suddenly, just as the children are sprouting. Bodhi comes half way up my boob now, though I must accept that my boobs are dropping down to reach him at the same time. Still, no osteoparosis yet, so I think it's a pretty clear marker of how tall he's getting. 

The price of texting people and not having to talk to them is them not texting back, so you're left hanging and you can't go sleep the daytime sleep of the guilty. 


Ms. Moon said...

I turn the phones OFF when I nap. I'll get to all of it when I wake up.

Jo said...

I crawled into bed for an hour and submitted to sleep!

We're dog sitting - I offered for a friend, Olivia is beside herself with delight. The dog is a big, panting lab, sweet, but drooly! Our Derry is pretty happy too.