Saturday, October 11, 2014


Bodhi has a buddy in school whose parents I really like. His mother is American, and his dad is from Crumlin, and they've ended up in Bray, temporarily. They'll be going back to CA in a couple years, which is happy for them as they like it there, and they live in a teeny house in a shitty area here and I think they need the sunshine.

That aside, their company is great. She travels for work and he does the day to day parenting stuff while she's working. He likes to style himself as shy and taciturn, but in reality he gives good chat and is willing to come have tea with me and I've realised with pleasure recently that he's become a friend. It's so nice to have a male friend. He's told me about the break up of his first marriage and I've talked about how it feels to have the physical insecurities I do (to which I think he relates). And I think he can take it, this honest talking that I need in a friendship. I think it's a relief for him, because he'd rather the honesty too. And we're funny in the same way. He and Axl are a product of the same culture and era, they'd get on very well (and do, when given the chance) though Axl is not available for social interaction with anyone but his band buddies, so... ah well.

I love men's company. I love company generally, I have to confess. Being alone is fine, but I also get painfully lonely - I'm not introverted enough to do without the connection that other people provide.

It's nice though, this friendship that hinges on our kids' relationship and the facilitation of their friendship, but ... what am I trying to say? Hanging out with him is a simple pleasure, devoid of any tensions. I likes it.


Ms. Moon said...

What a sweet gift in your life!

beth coyote said...

I have a few male friends too, mostly they're queer which makes it real easy to hug and love them. And even though I'm one too, I always dream about sex with guys, not girls.

The psyche is a funny thing...


Jo said...

Beth, that IS unexpected. I hopre it's good sex, at least, and not unpalatable.

It frustrates me, the lack of control I have over sex dreams. Given especially that it's all the sex I get. Come on, psyches, help us out here.

Charlie Powell said...

This one's lovely, Jo... x