Saturday, October 11, 2014


It's my mother's birthday. It would have been her birthday. She was born on this day, sixty-nine years ago.

I think the picture on the left's a school picture. Her mother used to force her into rag curls. She looks just like my brother and my son in it. Though, those wolf eyes are hers alone. The other picture looks more like me, eternal toddler that I am. Can you see those cute doggies, though? Apparently they used to hide under the barn for the entire time the female was in season. Very romantic.

I think my mother's birthday is a thing that doesn't exist anymore. The 12th of October 1945 is her birthdate, but the birthday is no more now that she's not here to get older. These little representations of her are as real as the idea of her at 69 could be.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh darling. Anniversaries are so hard. I am thinking of you and that mama of yours. I know she must have loved you so very, very much.

Jo said...

Oh, Mary xx