Sunday, October 26, 2014


One more little thing.

Last... Monday? night, I slammed the tip of my finger in the car door. I pulled my hand away as the door shut, not realising my finger was in it, not registering the agony for what it was quickly enough. It hurt so much, I screamed fuckfuckaaaagh! and held my finger in my fist, afraid to look and find it had been crushed.

As it was, some blood was leaking out of the tip of my very bitten nail, a line of bruise was forming down it, and blue was blooming on the other side. Shooting pains radiated up it. I was terrified it was cracked or broken - I took Nurofen, I took Arnica, and the pain abated slowly. The shock took longer, and I sat at the computer typing awkwardly, elevating my finger, and sobbing, as I'm wont to do after injuring myself. I get pathetic. The shock. You know.

I stressed about wether to go to the doctor. The Arnica took the bruising away so fast - it's so worth getting it into you immediately. I didn't think a doctor would believe it had been as bad as it felt, given the lack of evidence. It was still tight and swollen, though. I looked it up a little, worried some more... but resolved to wait and see the next day, and go if it was worse.

It kept getting better, though. I checked in with the pharmacist as I had to be there, and she reassured me too - wait til the swelling goes, be patient with the nerve damage, take more Nurofen, see what happens, seeing as it's feeling better.

I just want to say how grateful I am that it's kept getting better, I didn't have to pay a doctor, get Xrayed, it's all good, just a tiny bit of tenderness in one  area left. I'm so thankful. I thought I could say it here as well as anywhere, a little prayer of gratitude, that things are not as bad as could have been.

Also, while I'm at it, I'm also grateful to the fellow traveller who once pulled me back out of the way of a car that time I went to cross the road after getting off the bus about twenty years ago.

Some of us are heroes, and some of us are people who can't manage to close a car door without endangering themselves. 

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