Saturday, October 25, 2014


Axl is, given the chance, excessively neat. Having worked in retail since he was 18, he faces off the items in the fridges and the cupboard, slightly in the manner of Patrick Bergin's Abusive Husband character in Sleeping with the Enemy.

Since childhood, I've been unable to be organised. My room is as messy as it was when I was four. Debris spreads around me wherever I go; crumbs, papers, discarded cups and wrappers, books, underwear... really. I'm blaming it on Dyspraxia now, it makes as much sense as anything.

Obsessive neatness meets pathological messiness. He really, really should have married a nice Catholic mammy type.

** Stupid typos! Stupid brain affected by stupid chest condition! What else have I missed?

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