Thursday, October 16, 2014

My brain is buzzing with crafted little thoughts. Soundbites. This is why I'll never write a novel. I think in sentences. Sentences too long for Twitter, though.

Today's cake compliment: withheld from kids' bring and buy bakesale to be reserved for the grandparents at 2nd and 3rd class Grandparents' Day because the nice lady knows my cakes are always gorgeous. That's for the grandparents of those classes, they're not the inferior ones or anything.

Said nice lady owns a lovely cafe, if only she'd buy some cake. In fairness, I think she bakes too.

Am reading a book and weeping. It's about a bereaved 14 year old girl who's a bit of a misfit, and AIDS in its early days when no one understood it and the world was a far more homophobic place than it is now. The double tragedy of her loss and the grief in the book along with the picture of such a sad, terrifying, ignorant time... an epidemic of death and misunderstanding. It's awful to think about. A good book, though. I just wish I had a volume control for the Emotive Response.

In school in about 1990, we raised money for AIDS research, but they wouldn't let us donate it to that. They said it was too vague, hard to do, and made us give it to something else. I bet that we could have, though. 


Ms. Moon said...

I remember reading an article about "The Gay Plague" in Rolling Stone magazine somewhere in the early 80's. They called it that because they had no idea what was going on except that gay men were dying.
I brought this up in a nursing class and the teacher said it wasn't ever going to be a problem because it was such an "isolated" community.
What a fucking idiot she was.

Jo said...

Snort. You're not wrong.