Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I bought myself a Christmas present...

It's a print of this beautiful painting.
Only a small one, as it's more than I can afford, but I love it, had to have one. The artist's name is Laura Shull, I saw it on tumblr and looked her up. God bless the Internet.
Now I just have to go find an old frame that'll fit it, and paint it old gold and white.

I have a jar of poster paint that my mother bought to paint a cheap frame with when I was so young... there was a painting of parrots I loved in the National Gallery in Dublin, it's still there - my parents bought me the postcard and a little frame to fit it in, and she painted it with poster paint for authenticity. It's a sweet thing.
This is the painting, just for interest's sake, though it hasn't got anything to do with anything.

So, parrots aside, what do you think of the painting? It's an exploration of indulgence and decadence, but I see something else in it too. I mean... you know me and cake. 

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