Saturday, December 27, 2014

humans of the world

I've had a weird experience today. I commented on the ever-wonderful Humans of New York, a photo of this sweetheart boy whose little brother is 11 and who wants to know how to have the sex talk with him as he's become his father figure. It's (as usual) an achingly sweet slice of humanity.

The weird thing is, to date, my comment has 225 replies and nearly fifteen thousand likes... well, ok, I've just had one hater who thinks I was being condescending, but hey, I suppose that's par for the course. I half agree with her , I wasn't trying to be condescending, just compassionate, but I don't know why the people are flocking to my comment, instead of the original wonderful post.

Everyone is so desperate for a little compassion, though - why is a kind response to a stranger so remarkable? I genuinely don't get it. HONY posts always get great comments, but I'm being showered with love here, as if I did something special. Like, serious love - I've made people cry, I've had about ten friend requests (er, yikes!). I worry about us all. We all need so much.

I do too, this is the thing. I'm no guru. They'd think again if they could see my grumpy facebook updates and whingy blog posts and see what a lazy and narky mother I am, and see how I have to be medicated for general fear and hopelessness. Ha, fingers just wrote hopefulness. Maybe there's hope yet.

I'm worried for the world though. So much need. And me too - I lay in bed last night, uncharacteristically unable to sleep, and I felt so alone. The room was so still, it felt odd. Hyper-real, and me all alone in the middle of it, in the dead of night, feeling a little bit sorry for myself. All the need, and no one to ask anything of except the imaginary friends in my head, and yet these people on facebook have decided they need me and I've restored their faith in humanity. Agh!


Ms. Moon said...

Life can be frustratingly and hopefully mysterious, can't it?

Jo said...

Is mysterious the word?! :)

Jo said...

20,305 likes... it's a lot of likes. The internet is a strange place.