Friday, December 26, 2014

St Stephen's Day

They're going to switch off that woman on life support. Seeing as her body is infected and overheating and won't sustain the life of the foetus. I wish her family hadn't had to go through all this shit.

As for my blessedly uneventful life, I woke up at nine to pouring rain, and lay in, watching Stargate Atlantis on the ipod, reading my deeply enjoyable Christmas Marian Keyes, being warm and comfy and staying in bed too late.

Then I forced myself up and started cleaning and cooking. Usually I have most things made for Christmas, so Stephen's Day dinner with my brother and his girlfriend is easy and peaceful, but this year it was a bit of a sweaty battle to get things done. I forgot about the scalloped potatoes, which was a massive disappointment for me and my  not sister in law. This year, things got left.

Highlights were a friend posting Caravan of Love on facebook this morning, that made it all much nicer, and then I sang along to Newton Faulkner, who I just ... adore. I adore his voice, his music, his red dreads. Such a talented young man.

Dinner is usually so very, very delicious, but this year it was just ... ok. I feel I've cheated myself.

My son is so happy with his extravagant Christmas present. He says he's so lucky. He's happy and lucky. He's a good little boy.

My brother brought Bodhi a giant Nerf gun. My brother is obsessed with guns and has been since he could walk and talk. It's ok at the moment, however, as Bodhi professes to like violence best at the moment. I went up to sleep off my food and sleepiness and read my lovely book some more, and listened to bangs and shrieks of laughter downstairs and Axl and the kids ran around downstairs Nerfing each other. It was nice. I was happy not to be doing it though!

Now... to my shame... Axl has gone to McDonald's, saying 'we don't really have any food'. Christ. The fridge is fuller than it's been in a year. Sigh.

Mmm, bed.

The other wonder was going to the Zoo on Christmas Eve. It was a bit much for Olivia, but the day was cold and clear and sunny, and the first animals we saw were the lion family - two mamas, two cubs, one big, one small, and a daddy lion. The cubs bounced down and played a foot away from us, then pounced on their sleepy father, who started to play with them. It was like our very own nature programme. But without the gory death! Amazing.

And the rhinos walked straight up to us as we arrived, and one peed us a river. So much pee.

The zoo is doing great. The sealions are the last ones to have been housed in old and crappy conditions, but they've drained a lake and are building them something new, finally. I like the zoo - even if it costs an insane amount to go.

Now, for me, the night holds knitting, the Nightmare Before Christmas, and a bath. The zoo walk put my good hip out.

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Ms. Moon said...

I am so glad that they are going to let that woman's body die. How horrible! How cruel! How very, very grossly wrong.
I'm glad you had a fairly peaceful day. I certainly have!