Saturday, January 17, 2015

I hope this doesn't backfire

I've been feeling bad for a long time, about how little I do for the world. I'm not a very worthy human. I care a lot but I feel sort of helpless, as you know, and am reluctant to take on projects as my energy levels are so low.

I've been looking at dogs who need fostering from the same place we got our Derry since before we got him - this winter, as it gets so cold, there's so many lost dogs in the pound all needing care. So... I have pressured poor Axl into fostering this fella:

Aero the 8 month old black lab.

I'm sure he's bouncy and fun - it's odd, someone lost him but no one seems to be looking for him. Apparently chances are he'll find a home in the UK, who take most of the labs that need homes in Ireland - people there love them, apparently they're not so popular here.

I'd be tempted to see if my father wants him, as his dog was just drowned tragically, the second one who's died in sad circumstances. BUT when I was a child, my father kicked, shouted at and beat our dogs very abusively and I've no idea if he still hurts his - he and his wife seem to love them like children but how to be sure? I think I'll just leave that one, I suppose.

Anyway... more reports soon, and this guy won't be sleeping in a cement cell and on my conscience.

If I somehow, miraculously, came to live in a country house with lots of fields and sheds... I think I would fill it with rescue dogs and have an adoption centre.

Oh, and also, kune kune pigs for Bodhi. He wants piggies.

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Ms. Moon said...

Oh- good for you! I hope it works out well with no backfiring.