Saturday, March 14, 2015

cute t-shirts, frustrating advertising

    • Jo And bán dearg (pink) is the only colour for girls...

      • Tshirt co no, there's red, candy pink and electric blue too.
        • Jo I'd love to see you put the boys in the pink ones and the girls in the green, though.

    • Do you ever feel like someone just isn't getting what you're saying? I feel like that a lot. 
    • I know I'm being boring, taking people to task for things they don't consider remotely important. These are cute t-shirts, it's nice to see Irish being promoted round Patrick's day, all these things are true. It's great the t-shirts are ... oh no, wait, they're not unisex. Short sleeves for girls, long sleeves for boys. Gotta reveal the flesh. 

  • I read an article by wonder woman Emer O'Toole the other day, on the things being a feminist has ruined for her. I really sympathise. Feminism, food knowledge, activism of any kind, and god knows, English teaching has ruined reading for me, badly proofed or edited work is growing more like aluminum on my teeth by the day. Yeah, awareness makes you a killjoy. I'm being a killjoy. But... for fuck's sake. 
That is all. 


Ms. Moon said...

At this point in my life, I just have to admit that some things will never change.

Jo said...

What won't? Gender pressures, or general stupidity?