Saturday, March 14, 2015

things-I-need post

A new mouthguard. Proper one to stop jaw moving, will cost about €600

Wisdom teeth out. The bottom ones. That need anaesthetic and a dental surgeon... €600-700

Fake hair to cover up my balded spots. Yeah, I can't afford this luxury, must just live with the shame.

A new upstairs shower - we have a small electric one upstairs, but it's ancient and runs either totally cold or totally hot. I need it so Olivia can wash in it - she'll only have baths and her hair is butt length. I need a shower head for her. She won't use the downstairs shower. €150?

One of these. You can giggle but it could cure some ... problems. €135. They sell you plans to build your own, but I am not handy. Even if I got as far as buying the wood it would sit around for a year and a half. And then get thrown away. I bought a plant about 4 months ago I haven't even planted yet. Cos I have to dig a hole. And the spade is in the shed. And the shed is surrounded by a mountain of crap made up of things I bought and which eventually got thrown away...

A mattress for Olivia, one that will fit her oddly shaped Ikea bed. And that she'll be comfortable on... hahahhahahaha. She sleeps on the floor now. But it's better than the sitting room, where she's been for the last 2 years. All the time...

House insulation. Will solve the damp problem and save on our exorbitant heating. Two and a half grand. Mhmm.

Oh yes, a new car. I've inroaded into the car money a bit. So I have to try and put that back.

Still would like a laptop. This computer is going to die very soon.

Supplements, supplements.  Counselling. Health food. Massages. Osteopathy. Dentistry. A mole check. Swimming. A manicure and a pedicure.

Retraining and a real job that pays enough for me to live on. That's what.

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