Saturday, April 11, 2015


I woke up uncomfortable this morning, as I often do, which really frustrates me. I lay there feeling sore, and processing the long dream I'd just had. Ran through the mundane stages of it, suburban middle class family things, teaching anxiety moments, weird, a deviant sex interlude (not so much involving me, but the hithertofore suburban parents! and their incongruously working class friends). And then I remembered - the bit where I was on a coach, looking out the window at an urban green space where there where fallen collosal oaks, bleached bone colour (more like beeches, in fact) and as tall as standing trees. Dinosaur trees. And then I was a witch, animated looking, for some reason determined to go back in time, by zooming fast and fiercely though the water until I created a glowing circle of light to travel through, and made a shock wave by screaming that would drown someone (me?) in the past and stop a bad thing happening. I had a lizardy familiar who came with me. And we returned, it worked.

I was ugly, giant, misshapen - but also undoubtedly magic, and determined. I really, really wish I could watch it again on a screen and remember more back story.

It might be coming... 

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Mwa said...

All my dreams are so realistic compared to that!