Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A woman in the town 25 mins away from me went missing Friday. I shared her picture on fb... her body has been found... in the shed of a man I went to school with...

Funny, you hear '38 year old man from Wicklow', and you think, I'm 38... I'm from Wicklow. Bam... he was a classmate.

It's not looking great for him. Sounds like an affair gone bad, she threatened to out them... he has a new baby... or so I hear on the grapevine. I hope it's all wrong, but... damning evidence so far. He hasn't been arrested yet, though, just detained.

I really wish that men would stop killing women. Stop allowing themselves to cross that line. This one sounds born out of desperation, rather than psychosis or deviancy, but still... women are not expendable. If you find yourself thinking you might murder someone, think again. Step back. Don't decide that your problems or your perversions or you rage are worth more than someone's life. Because, they aren't.

I know that men are frequent victims of violence too. It's not like that isn't all over the news as well. I wish that would stop too. But I want to stop seeing missing posters and wondering what the hell happened... who snapped this time. Who took the plunge. Awful, awful.


Ms. Moon said...


Mwa said...

That's just freaky close. Did you know him well?

Jo said...

No. We were in secondary school together, and he pestered me to go out with him somewhat freakily at the beginning of first year, and got mean and sulky when I 'broke up with him' pretty directly after giving in. He's the cousin of someone I was in primary school with.

So then we were in school together for five years... but this is a long time ago now, and I haven't seen him since. He made part of my friend's kitchen, though, and she was about to ring him to build a tree house.