Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ugh. I hate everything. The news is shit today. A two year old got run over and killed in Dublin, in the park, by some boy racer type, it seems. Lots of complaints made about him prior to the accident. He fled the scene, but they've arrested him. 

A missing woman from Wicklow has been found dead. They've arrested someone. Christ. How many murderers are there on the East Coast? If you thought about it, you'd never talk to anyone again.

My friend's son is so sick. His treatment is horrific. It's just not fair. She says it feels like things will never be normal again. Maybe they won't be? 

My daughter still won't wash. I think she's sneaking solid food now, though. 

People on the internet are irking me, but it's just because I'm in a bad mood. It really doesn't matter. It's not like I don't know there are stupid sexist people out there, for example. Stop reading. Stop reacting. I swear, I delete as many comments as I write, some days. Progress. 

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