Thursday, May 14, 2015

Everything feels ... not good today. I lit into my daughter for giving out to me for being rude. Mostly because I'm deeply stressed as she's decided she's not going to go on the holiday she demanded because it'll be too hot. Then she cried a lot. And I feel like a shitty person, but underneath that I still feel deeply stressed and frustrated and resentful of the position she's putting us and herself in, and the opportunities she's wasting. Fear for the future.

And hormones.  Not a good mix.

And I'm sad about Mary's sad posts.

And slightly dazed from gulping down a drink I thought might help a little. It's just period really. Same old thing.

I dreamed I was sleeping the other day. It was lovely.


Ms. Moon said...

I love that last sentence.
We got rain today- I know that doesn't sound so good to YOU who has been drowning in it but it is everything to us here.
I am grateful for that and I so wish your daughter could be easier. Try not to borrow trouble for tomorrow.
(Said the eternally anxious woman.)

Jo said...

Yeah. I know. I'm feeling too tired to be anxious right now.

The rain is great! I'd rather have as much wet as we do than not enough. Also saw from a friend it's raining in South California, and that is REALLY something to celebrate. I've been sending rainy thoughts their way.