Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Potato Salad-off!

Not off as in bad, -off as in competition. Hmm. That may not have been the best idea.


How do you make yours?

I've loved potato salad all my life. My mother's one is a standard American one, I suspect.

Boiled new potatoes. The dressing is mayo and orange or lemon juice (sometimes I put in both for the hell of it). Also salt, pepper, oregano, fresh parsley, paprika, celery seeds. I finely chop celery, olives and pickles and stick them in too. Mix while the potatoes are still hot, so they absorb the dressing.

*Orgasmic potato salad groan*

'Don't make too much', says Axl. Ha! Fool. Little does he understand my capacity for potato salad. 


Ms. Moon said...

I've never put any sort of fruit juice in my potato salad. Mostly I make it like you do besides that. But not olives- sweet pickle relish. And not oregano. And always chopped boiled egg.
Can we stop talking about potato salad now? Jeez.

Jo said...

You started it.

Jo said...

I like the tang the citrus gives it, sort of sour-sweet-creamy.

Mwa said...

I never make it. I just leech off other people. I make a good tartare sauce, though.

John Gray said...

I only refer to scotch eggs as orgasmic