Thursday, May 7, 2015

I am the most inelegant person I know. In this week's graceful move, I sniffed a bottle of conditioner in the supermarket, only to find out the hard way it had been overfilled - you know how you squeeze the air out to see what it smells like? Well this time a huge glob of conditioner shot up my nostril and then blobbed onto my hoodie. Classy.

In  other news I went to the Woodies and got myself a liner for my hanging basket (only only one, they cost five quid!)  and some violas. So I'll plant some and hang it back up and hope for the best, re magpies. And then I'll plant the rest in the garden too. Purty little purple and yellow flowers.

I also got a bag of dog food, and found out to my shame that the dog's been hungry since I started feeding him canned food because I've only been giving him half what he needs. Oops. Sorry, Derry. Back to dry food again, and the new brand has a ziplock AND a carrying handle. Nice.

Bodhi fell into a chair today and split his lip very nastily. Much blood, pain and panic. Cold and pressure saved the day. Lips bleed a lot and heal fast, thank god. And also glad I had an ice pop - first as cold pack, then as comfort!

Olivia wants not cake, presents or company on her birthday. It's going to be a sad little non-affair. I wish things would shift, and get better. I wish, I wish.


Ms. Moon said...

I've done things like squirt conditioner up nose in public far more than once.
Tell your daughter that you are going to celebrate your giving birth to her and that you want a cake!
An idea? Or will she just hang in her room and totally ignore?

Jo said...

No, she says we can have a cake... she just won't have any. But maybe she will while we strategically leave it unattended. Sigh.

Mwa said...

I'll wish with you!