Monday, May 4, 2015

things growing

Soon, new Clematis flowers will bloom! Buds! 

More Camelia to come. 

Flowers on the baby fruit bushes I bought last year. Not dead! One is blackberry, one is raspberry. 

The white blossomed tree was my mothers, it stood outside her front door. I don't know what it is. The Japanese Maple is Bodhi's birth tree. His placenta is buried under there :) 

These are purple leaves coming out on Olivia's Cercis Canadensis - they come out late, but when they do they're green/purple and heart shaped. Sadly, the promised pink flowers have never blossomed, I'm not sure why. Maybe it needs out of its pot? Two buds appeared many years ago, but a small child or bug removed them, and that was that :( 

Teeny maple I love, Black reedy things I took from my granny's garden some years ago, and also some of which grew from seed! Fuschia on left that will hopefully survive its traumatic planting after it grew through its pot into the ground, and cherry blossom thrown on the ground by this weekend's rainstorm. 


Still some flowers left on the poor Cherry. I wish this wasn't at the side of the house where it can't be seen, it's so beautiful. 

I plant Lobelia in our wall. They'll be gorgeous. I left the dandelion there for the bees, but I see it's time to remove it. 

Brave remaining ...whatsitcalled. I struggle to remember all the C-names; clematis, camelia...something. Anyway, the bastard magpies attacked this hanging basket at the front of the house, tore away the liner and most of the plants, dropped soil all over my car - and then this brave little flower from the Christmas before last popped up. 

birthday tulips

Well, it's no Ms Moon's garden paradise, but it could be worse! 


Ms. Moon said...

Beautiful! Absolutely!

Joan said...

Cyclamen. xx

Mwa said...

You have a Japanese cherry! Do you go up just to cup the flowers in your hand? My favourite.

Jo said...

Thanks, Joan!

Mwa, it's sort of in an out-of-the-way place, so I tend to just look at it from the front of the house and wish it had been planted somewhere better :/