Sunday, May 31, 2015

I wish I had married a man who liked  going to do stuff. And had kids who had a spirit of adventure, instead of ones who automatically say 'no'.

I'm a sedentary person, but I get excited about stuff... I like going to see things. The tall ships are here at the moment - I've never seen them but from a distance.

I tried when Olivia was small, went around to things like a single mother, but it isn't the same when there's a dad at home in bed. And these days everyone else is excursion shy. Our daughter Does Not Have Fun so when we try it tends to end in misery and complaints, and I think everyone's given up now. Couple that with the weather... ugh.

Home we sit. 


jo(e) said...

I'm an extrovert, and my husband is an introvert. I used to try to make him go to things with me, and then I realized that it just made both of us unhappy. So now if I want to go somewhere and he'd rather stay home, I go with a friend or other family member. (I went to see the Peking in NYC with my Dad because he gets excited about tall ships.)

Ms. Moon said...

I feel sorry for my husband because I never want to go anywhere.
Actually, I don't feel sorry for him. He just goes without me and I wouldn't go hunting in any case. So it's okay.

Mwa said...

Ha. I married one of them as well. I do things with friends, or I seriously tell him 'you have to come with me for two hours, but at seven forty I will let you off with this excuse:' and then he occasionally comes along. And leaves five minutes early with my prepared excuse. (I stay without him.)