Monday, June 1, 2015

It seems the massive gale has abated, but it's still grey and wet.

Poor Ireland. It's only just June but we've been here before - spending a whole summer waiting for summer... and then, poof, it's over already without having been. I may have spoken too soon about the wind, I hear it gusting again.

I hope the dog is happy with a duvet day too. I of course have the stuff to do that I didn't do on Friday night, or Saturday or Sunday. I don't know how I manage with a two day weekend most weeks - this long one feels no different, really. I woke up this morning and marvelled at how I manage to actually get out of bed (split infinitive amnesty!) most Mondays.

Anyway... part of the culprit is the fact that I started watching Orange is the New Black last night... and stayed up til 3am watching three of them. I could have kept going too - it's as good as everyone said it was. I don't know why it takes me three years to catch on to these things. What is that? It's much lighter than I expected as well as being very poignant and tender. It's incredibly entertaining, and well filmed. Great work. AND pretty much all about women, which I find refreshing. Lots of heroines/anti-heroines all in one.

I also read A Casual Vacancy recently, JK Rowling's social drama about modern Britain. My mother in law LOVED it and pressed it on me. It's grim, really, if I'm honest. Compelling but relentless and cheerless. I found what it did best was give a very clear empathy filled explanation for exactly what it is that makes a working class heroine addict or delinquent. Rowling is pretty unforgiving on that score - her portrayal is unflinching and refuses her reader any catharsis. Again, it's good but...

I'm going to sneak back to the tv now, I think. I drank a horribly brown smoothie this morning, having promised myself I would for the last ... ever. It should have been green, but ... no. It wasn't disgusting, but it wasn't nice, either. It was, however, better than the crap I usually stuff into myself when I wake up on weekends.

As for Olivia - I'm just musing on the fact that any time I try to attend to any remotely parental sort of issues - food, clothes, education, suitability of internet/tv etc she goes off on one. Which is normal for a pre-teen, right? I'm assuming that there would be another 8 years of this one way or another. Yes? 


Ms. Moon said...

Yes. Probably. Depending on the child.
A green smoothie should be green. I'm just saying. Of course, June should be as well.

Mwa said...

Ooh, why do you have Friday and Monday off? I suppose I could be less lazy and ask Google, but I'm here now. :-)

I'm still hoping for a proper summer. Did you not have some excellent Spring days already like we have? Keep the faith!

I do not know about pre-teens yet. Thank goodness for that. I thought it was just 'girl'. :-) We're probably going to have some ride with ours.

Jo said...

Friday was on, but there's a bank holiday each month in the summer, basically. Public holiday quota.

Green smoothies and summers are definitely better green, I agree.