Saturday, May 2, 2015

I woke this morning to pouring rain and a tooth worn down a bit by the new, incredibly expensive bite guard, which the dentist swore wouldn't happen. *Impotent frustration* Fuck TMJ!

Then my breakfast plans went awry.

I think, this cold, wet, bankholiday weekend, I may just go back to bed and reread fantasy fiction. My feet are chilled. I've  to work, but there's always later for that! Actually, not really, anymore, but there's time this weekend.

In our rainsoaked garden, Bodhi's little robin-friend Speedy has a family, in the wall right by the house. It's delightful. He was hopping round soaking wet and diminished in size by the rain thismorning. Speedy has been christened by Bodhi, as he always comes around when he and his Dad are doing the garden. Now there is Mrs Speedy, who is to be known as Brownie (my idea) and the whole family has been given the last name Ford, by Olivia. How nice to have a little bird family in the garden, and may they be safe in their nest from neighbourhood cats and bastard magpies. I wish I had a live cam I could train on the nest. I want to see! 

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Ms. Moon said...

Birds! We love them so!