Saturday, May 2, 2015


That film of the Baltimore mother smacking the crap out of her son for rioting seems to me to be part of the problem, not the solution.

I can feel her terror and rage, alright, but, shit. How do we teach children violence and impotent rage? That way, as far as I can see.


Mwa said...

Yes. I agree. And that was the first thing I thought when everyone was praising and giggling over the mother. That did not look like the first time she slapped him.
I've been worried about a mother around here - I know her well and she slaps her 'difficult' child. I want to tell her she will force him to be 'difficult' that way, but I know I will only get thrown out of any social life I have and the boy's life won't get any better. I am being a coward and trying to 'model better behaviour'.

Jo said...

There is no easy solution to that problem, is there? It's awful. Saying something won't necessarily change anything. But if you think the child is in danger, report them.

I don't know. I went through a phase of slapping my daughter when things were really difficult, I regretted it every time, but I was at a loss, and pushed to my limit. I wish someone could have helped. And I would have been shamed if someone had taken me to task over it. But many people will fight for their right to hit their children.

Mwa said...

I had it done to me, but I'm not sure if having it reported would have helped. I hate hate hate to see it, but I think it would still fall within what the law might consider reasonable etc. I don't know. A doctor told her her child was overweight the other day, and she refused to believe him - asked me if she should do anything about that. I try to subtly point her in the right direction. I also told her that rewards and praise work a million times better than punishment. I just don't know.