Saturday, May 16, 2015

oh, my son, my son

Telling him about why his granny is worried that a vote for gay marriage will hurt civilisation, and how she grew up in an era where sex and bodies and loving yourself were wrong.

Bodhi: You have to love yourself! Loving yourself is how you learn to love other people.

The wisdom of the darling child.

Then, when he's enthusing further about cream cheese, a minute later -
Me: You love cream cheese. You want to marry it.
Him: No, I just want to lick its surface. 


Ms. Moon said...

Owen and Gibson have a grandma who is very different from me. I have to tread carefully at times. I have no idea what she tells them but I suspect that she is as suspicious of what I might be telling them as I am of what she might be passing on as wisdom!
Ah lah. They'll make up their own minds in the end.
Does your boy love cream cheese "to death" which is what Owen's being saying lately about things and people he loves?

Jo said...

It's not a current phrase for him, but I'm pretty sure he'd agree he does!

I'm also pretty sure you're the grandma they believe...

Mwa said...

That's so sweet!

We luckily don't have any grandparents who are too outspoken about their economically shockingly liberal (on one side) and slightly conservative and closed off (on the other). I think I'm too scary to contradict sometimes.