Friday, May 22, 2015

vote yes day

I had a bit of a panic attack today, that I'd read the voting slips wrong, put the wrong cross on the wrong page etc. I'm still a bit freaked out about it - had a mixture of Irish and English on it, and there were two and even though I double checked and I'm sure I got it right I'm still having that did I leave the iron on?? feeling.

I voted. I had a little meeting with two Italian students (one mine) who want private lessons. They were sweet - they met a month or so ago, and they've moved in together in order to stay here longer. Mad, impetuous things :) I wish them well. I love Italians.

I walked the dog, met a man with a melodious voice, honeyed genteel tones, an extra educated English accent. His voice was quite beautiful. Could a man with such a voice be a psychopath or a bastard? Sad to think he could be. Mellifluous, it was.

Then I got takeaway. The waiters repeatedly came to check that we were all ok as we waited in the Chinese restaurant. Friday evening, busy. We assured the successive solicitous people that were were, indeed, still ok. I said I was more than ok, it was Friday night and someone else was making my dinner. The young guy beside me with tattoos, playing Candy Crush, laughed as if slightly shocked. Then there was me and one middle aged man, and we had a sweet chat about voting - his daughters are of voting age and one is studying politics, so all of them going together was very meaningful. He seemed sweet, and proud, and happy for the day that's in it. I'm glad we had that little chat. I came home and had dinner, and wine and I feel tired and relaxed - as well as worried I left the iron on :)

Oh god, I hope we win. I want there to be rejoicing in the streets. I want there to be laughter and tears of happiness and vindication and dancing and love. I want people to feel safe and celebrated, not shunned and rejected. 


Ms. Moon said...

Because of you, I am aware of this vote and I, too, am watching it closely. May there be dancing in the streets and rainbows all around!

Mwa said...

HOW have they not counted the votes yet??? You are taking this backward country thing one step too far! ;-) (Just joking, I LOVE Ireland. But seriously. Get counting.)

I always do that thing where I wonder if I voted right. It's the curse of the neurotic voter.

Jo said...

Heh, the Curse of the Neurotic Voter, I love it.

The polls closed at 10pm all over the country - they started counting at 9 am and knew by shortly after ten that it would be a Yes - I think they did pretty well! When I posted this, the voting wasn't over!

Mwa said...

No, okay, but surely SURELY surely they could have stayed up until midnight and known by then? A nine am start is just bureaucracy gone mad!

Jo said...

No, sheesh, someone might make me go to work at 7 or something, if that came true.

Actually, I do think they count elections all night. And this is far more important! :)