Sunday, June 21, 2015


Well, my thrush issues are nearly gone. Thankfully. Stupid design flaw.

 Here are a few pics, though my camera is just not very good.

You can't really see how beautifully blue my laptop is, and that the blue is graded on the keyboard side so it's light and bright and shiny at the bottom and dark towards the top. I heart it, though I don't know how to do hearts on it, sadly. I'll find out.

I grew these roses in my garden! Despite the fact that they're not tied up against the wall and there's lots of greenfly. I need more ladybirds. But I sprayed 'em with washing up liquid solution yesterday, hopefully that'll work.

Leftover Lobelia I stuck in the rockery. It's not v hospitable, but they are flowering. 

Basket still alive! 

I couldn't resist these Calaa lillies, to go in my goth garden, but I didn't stop to think how big they'd get, so now I have to remove an ugly shrub - and wait for Axl to get round to doing that for me, which may take some time. I hope they'll be ok, they're growing out of their pot. 

Other roses, they're yellow. Not so impressive yet. 

Dark Plant Collection. Teeny Japanese Maple is flourishing, soon I will buy a big black shiny pot to put it in. Fuscia... will it flower this year... I do not know. Black grassy things from my granny's garden, they have little purple bell flowers. Cala lilies to come, but will probably go where that ugly yellow shrub is behind. I'd like to plant the bamboo, too. 

Lobelia growing in the wall now, though you can't really see them well. Look at those poor neglected roses, unpruned and unsupported. 

I am loving the flowers, though. Next stop, garden veg grown in a mini greenhouse shelf. 


Jennifer said...

Your flowers are pretty, especially the roses. I have a soft spot for roses!

jo(e) said...

I love the blue laptop!

Ms. Moon said...

Lovely, lovely all!

Jo said...

Thanks all :) Those lilies look black in the photo but they're actually a deep luscious, plummy purple.

Mwa said...

Beautiful laptop!
I was wondering about the black lilies - makes more sense in purple.