Thursday, June 18, 2015


Well, I have a beautiful blue laptop.

But I also have thrush, a fact that is making me cranky. I never have thrush. Haven't had it since I was pregnant. I suspect it's something to do with the jacuzzi at the pool and how filled with disinfectanty foam it was on Tuesday. I'm hoping it's that, and not my new mooncup, which never caused it before and didn't last month. Hmm. Does one go back to the pool when one has thrush?

I doused myself in Tea Tree cream and apple cider vinegar (that was comfy, not) and took 3 Acidophilus, and it seems to have abated a bit. Stupid condition.

Now I must go ice some cupcakes and do some work before going to sleep and (hopefully) going swimming again tomorrow. Toodles.


Ms. Moon said...

In my experience, you have to get the medication. I'm sorry.

Mwa said...

Ah - the itch! It is horrible.
Hurray for the laptop! Can we see a picture?

Jo said...

Yes, I must take a picture. I will!

No, I can cure it with tea tree and acv and homoepathy and probiotics, in the meantime, sadly, it's just a pain in the cunt, to be terribly frank!

Jennifer said...

It IS a pain in the cunt! Hahaha!

I have the same issue right now...I blame the terrible heat where I live as well as the pre-menstrual part of my cycle that I'm currently in. I hate it so much.

I'd say it's probably all the chemicals in the pool causing you trouble. My girly bits are extra sensitive to chemicals of all kinds.

Jo said...

Years ago I used to get it at the onset of my period, I think, though it's so long ago I don't remember very well. I'm thinking jaccuzzi too, it's a bit much of a coincidence.

It's on the way out now, thankfully. Acidophilus, tea tree cream, apple cider vinegar, and I can't find the Candida remedy I have that works really well, I'll have to get some more. I'd highly recommend it, if you're prone. That and ... no sugar, wheat or dairy. Sigh.