Sunday, July 12, 2015

conor mcgregor

I am weirdly interested in the UFC fight from last night. Dublin has produced an ultimate fighting super hero - instead of hanging around street corners and robbing people (which he sounds like he was born to do, accent and attitude-wise) Conor McGregor's become this unbeatable pillar of self confidence and swag. And monster physical ability. It's suggested he's talked his way into being a champion - he has unimaginable self-belief. I don't know - I've long been of the opinon that boxing is incredibly exploitative of the boxers - kids from poor areas who have no other out and who end up making money for others by having the crap kicked out of them, and kicking it out of others.

I don't know that mixed martial arts could possibly be any better but it does still beat having them doing it to others on the street on Friday nights outside the chipper. And this guy is strangely compelling.

People from his culture can be full of quick humour, affection, and canniness, but it can also go the other way - violence, lack of education, compassion and empathy smacked out of them at an early age. You can imagine this guy using his powers for evil instead of sport - not a pleasant prospect. I'm sure he has his stories to tell.

The whole thing kind of fascinates me.


Ms. Moon said...

There is something about humans who use their bodies in such ways.

Mwa said...

I'm sure his looks fascinate you too. ;-)

Jo said...

Not really, Mwa, to be honest. He still has that malnourished, jaded waif look under the beard and the muscles. But his whole self invention is captivating.