Sunday, July 12, 2015

I bought a mangosteen

Except I didn't pay for it, because they didn't know what it was in the supermarket, so they couldn't price it and didn't know how to charge me :)

I mostly bought it because it's completely adorable. It looks and feels like it's made of deep purple wood. On the underside is a little flower shaped, eh,  woody thing. It looks like a stamp. I suggested to my friend that it looked like a stamp for a fairy night club and made her put her head on the table laughing.

I just googled what it looks like inside. Olivia was disgusted and upset... 'Don't show me that sort of thing, you know I hate that!' What?? What, white fruit? Jesus, I just can win,. Child has harshed my mangosteen buzz. 


Ms. Moon said...

I have never seen one. I don't think I've even ever heard of such a thing.

Jo said...

I hadn't either. Thailand!

Lisa said...

I used to frequent an international farmer's market so I could try foods that I'd never seen or heard of. I tried a mangosteen. It was fine, but not one that I felt the need to buy again.

Jo said...

Lol, Lisa, I'm sure that's about the sum of mine too - I can't imagine it's properly ripe or ever will be. Ireland is not really the place for tropical fruit!