Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I went swimming today and tried something different. Instead of trying to pack as much into my 30 mins at the pool as possible, I tried interval swimming - based on some very basic instructions (that probably aren't the real deal) I did 60 seconds fast front crawl (2 lengths of the teeny pool) followed by one slow length breast stroke.

I have to say, I got hot and felt my muscles far more quickly than I usually would, and also felt pleasantly endorphiny at one point - I would have happily floated round in the water feeling dreamy, which doesn't usually happen. Has never happened before, I think. It was also far easier not to think furiously and stressedly as I swam, which is what I'm afraid I often do. And I felt quite calm and serene for a while after, which has been lovely.

I think I'll keep trying. I went and bought a size 20 dress second hand today, it's from Monsoon, who I thought did big sizes. Thought it would be fine, but getting it home, agh, the zip really doesn't want to go up. And I was worried it might be too big, for some reason! Gah!

Must keep swimming... must keep swimming.


Ms. Moon said...

Exercise does help, doesn't it?

Jennifer said...

I wish I had access to a pool....but it would have to be private, because I'm too ashamed of my weight to be seen in a bathing suit. :( In fact, I haven't owned one in at least 20 years. Swimming would be great exercise, though.

Jo said...

I just say fuck it, to be honest, Jennifer. I remember doing an aqua aerobics class when my son was due and it was incredible to be able to move and not feel like an 84 year old lady.

I think anyone exercising is to be commended. I know it's hard, but I don't really care what the other women may think in the changing room, and in the pool I'm underwater, swimming... and anyway, pools are full of bodies of all shapes and ages. *shrug*

I think observing and judging is human, we'll probably never change, so those of us who feel we stand out should just get on with it one way or another. Or it's just a horrible vicious circle. Swim in a t shirt? I feel it's worth the social anxiety, it feels so good, if you like swimming.

Jo said...

MAry, tbh I don't usually notice a difference. But doing intervals rather than just a half hour of medium rate swimming did seem to make a difference.

Mwa said...

Intervals work great with running, too. And they're meant to be very good for afterburn. Keep it up! x

Jo said...

I wonder if I'm doing it ok though, Mwa. Must research more.