Sunday, July 26, 2015

short review

Inside Out is great (and I think, very important) - though if you're the parents of a twelve year old girl whose emotions and brain-workings are all turned inside out and who's struggling, it's going to make you cry.


Ms. Moon said...

Almost everyone I know who's gone to see it has cried.

Jo said...

It's very moving! Feelings are hard... I think it struck us all deeply, though, as the family of a girl with Asperger's. She's missing the joy, who's MIA. Other emotions in control.

Mwa said...

It's going to make you cry regardless of what's going on in your life if you're a wife/mother/woman/sentient being, I think.

We're also struggling with my sister who has Asperger's. You are not alone. Although if Ireland is anything like Belgium in this, you probably feel it.