Tuesday, July 28, 2015

things nice people indulge in that the world would be better without

sloth (would the world be better without this? Or just more stressed? I suspect it's a first world indulgence)
buying things
complaining (apparently)
victim-blaming (though this is shading out of nice person territory)
judgy pants wearing
unsolicited criticism

I'm guilty of lots of these. Hypocrisy is big on the list. What's your pet-hate/guilty indulgence?


Jennifer said...

My guilty indulgence is bitching about my job with the few coworkers that I like. I know it doesn't help anything, and in fact makes me feel worse, but I seem to have a hard time stopping.

Jo said...

My whole work life is a bitchfest at the moment. I don't think we could survive without it, though! We're drowning in admin. we don't get paid for.