Wednesday, July 29, 2015

today's good things

  • Got told I was a special teacher by my sweet Argentinian student who lives in Italy. She translates things on her phone and comes and holds them up for me to see. She's so sweet. 

Also told by Mauro the Italian winemaker, 'You are very good. You're like an actor'.

I love teaching elementary level, I have decided. More on the Argentinians later when I charge my camera.

  • I swam energetically, and mostly, there was no-one else in the pool. That always feels like a great luxury, and cinematic, like I'm a trophy wife in a film. Then went into the sauna, made the two old gents who gestured for me to sit in between them move up so I wouldn't interrupt their conversation (or sit in between them in the tiny sauna) and then joined in complaining about the govt a little over-enthusiastically.

  • Booked tickets for the Alabama Shakes in November without looking at bank account. FuckYeah.

  • It has stopped raining for the moment, so I'm off to walk the dog. 


Ms. Moon said...

You sound good today! I'm glad.

Mwa said...

I loved the feeling of being a good teacher. It's the best validation of a fragile self ever.

Jo said...

I dunno Mwa, the downside is how bad it feels when they're not happy. Better to take both with a pinch of salt, I guess!

Mary, I'm so tired I could lie down on the floor... when will the extra exercise thing turn into an energising activity instead of an exhausting one?!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you had such a good day!