Saturday, August 22, 2015


A beautiful night, last night - three wonderful friends, and I made delicious food. No really - my 70s favourites that make me feel celebratory, devilled eggs and guacamole say party! :) And a curry made with a very nice bought spice mix, lots of cassia and cinnamon in it. And when I was picking it out, a poor lady was looking for five spice and couldn't find it. I found it for her (I'm a good finder if I'm not looking for myself) because I looked under C for Chinese five spice but I didn't like to say, well, the alphabet, when she asked 'how did you do that??' because she was looking under F not C. 

I'm compulsive about helping people in supermarkets. It's frustrating, but today it was easy and I didn't feel intrusive. 

Anyway, curry with lentils, potatoes, aubergine, mushrooms, tomato and yoghurt. And coriander. Nom. Anne made rice, which was nice, because I rarely manage to make good rice. And I asked if I should make a nectarine crumble and Nora said 'YES' with great assertion. Cassie brought blueberries, and I threw them in and that was perfect. I don't make Irish crumble, with oats and what have you, I make a crisp, I guess, with lots of brown sugar and cinammon and buttterrrrr. I didn't measure, it worked perfectly. So good. 

Chats and wine and laughs with beautiful women. It's the best. 


Ms. Moon said...

Ah- wonderful! I'm about to go be with wonderful ladies too. And my daughters.
Always the best.

Mwa said...

That is the best indeed.
I also help people in the supermarket. I know your urge. :-) It's stronger than me, too.

Jo said...

Mwah, I once stopped in the sliced meat aisle and gave someone advice on combatting breastfeeding thrush. Swear to god. I have no boundaries.

Mwa said...