Friday, August 21, 2015

I dreamed of Danielle on Monday. Or someday recently. Whatever. He came to Dublin to see me, despite several mis-starts and refusals to make crucial phone calls. Finally I was wandering Dublin, late, and he came round a corner in the misty night. He was short and kinda chunky compared to his actual self but it was all good because we went and sat down and I snuggled him comfortably.

I haven't heard from him in a good while - though he sounded good and future focussed when I did. I texted him to tell him I dreamed about him. He texted me back to tell me what colour t-shirt he was -actually wearing that day, and I mentioned his dream-chubbiness. Some time later I got a text back saying,

Woman, did you just call me fat??? :)

I keep looking at it and laughing. When Danielle's being funny, it's like summer rain.

I've dreamed significant dreams about him only a handful of times. It's odd to see what my subconscious does with someone I've never met. I've dreamed about Mary too (which makes sense, after all,  I go visit her house at least once a day :) But in the one dream, we met, and he was actually a sixteen year old boy who only came up to my boobs (he's 6'5, supposedly), and I was furious (especially because of the I-told-you-so quotient) but won over by his cheeky teenage appeal nonetheless.

Anyway, this is really just a post to tell Mary and Mwa that Dan is still alive and well enough to be funny. 


Ms. Moon said...

All of this makes me happy.

Jennifer said...

I've dreamed about blog friends, too. It's strange (and often wonderful!), this modern life of ours.

Jo said...


Mwa said...

I was wondering about him the other day...