Sunday, September 20, 2015

If you want your breastfed child to sleep, maybe you should stop caffeinating your breast milk all day long.

Ugh. I've got the hormonal bitchies today, even if I actually don't because it's not the right time for it. I should be a serene river of calm.

I'm even annoying people when I don't mean to. Sorry, Mary.

I should get off facebook and shut the fuck up.

I nearly unfriended someone for a deeply pompous response (impersonal pronoun and all, the wanker) to a off the cuff comment I made about his sub tweet criticising the spelling of a woman he's sleeping with the other week. She rushed off the change the word according to his correction, and I made a joke about the passive aggression of correcting your lover's typos in whole seperate tweets.

Yes, I KNOW you know her very well, I saw the photo. It was just a funny, responding to your funny... fuck off. But I reminded myself it was PMS (or possibly PMD) and managed to leave it at that. And he was oblivious.

What is this irritability? I will stop, and go make some arty things I've been not doing, and pee, and stop eating the muffins I made (yeah right) and maybe even do some exercise. I wish I had battle ropes. But they are huge, won't really fit in my garden, and are too expensive. Axl suggested going down the docks, if we want some big rope. He could be on to something there, but perhaps the hardware shop would be a better bet. Anyway, a duvet cover will do, look.

And I love the guy's voice. I like the way he says 'bedsheet'. 


Ms. Moon said...

You did not annoy me, woman!
I just watched the buy shake the bed sheet and I am exhausted.

Jo said...

I know, I have a Super king bed and making it is enough to exhaust me. Still. Exercise is my friend, not my enemy.