Sunday, September 13, 2015

Readers, can you tolerate my typos? I'm sorry for being so lazy. I should be wearing my new glasses to write. I never see them til days later.

My walk last night yielded the most amazing hot ash sunset, but I didn't stop to photograph it til it was over, for mundane reasons. I'm sorry I didn't though. I might ask the woman who did to share, actually.

In the mean time, here are the post event pyrotechnics from Costa del Bray.

Imagine that sky all lit up orange red behind the distant rain (if it was rain, which it looked like)

The second one makes it look like I was up the mountain, but I was not, was merely holding my camera over a wall. 

My phone is not good for photos, and I've lost my camera. Somehow. Was sure it was in the kitchen. It's probably under something.

I's lost another pound this morning. That makes ten. Ten! A good amount to grow on. What I like about losing weight (and this is remarkably unremarkable, but however) is seeing myself in the mirror and recognising my face again. I find fat kind of depersonalising. I like the coming into relief your face does as it thins (well, speaking as a round faced person). I also like putting on clothes I didn't fit into before. This is an extreme pleasure. And thinking, my ass almost looks... cute? Swim swim. I went and put my next year's membership for the pool on Axl's credit card today, now I have to work on paying it off. And the boots. Hmm.

California is burning. My sister said on facebook that the beautiful town of Harbin (we went to the Springs there years ago) has been evacuated, the small town before it destroyed. So tragic.

I need to send some cards... the problem is I need to make them first. Also finish some work, plan classes for school (though I think I've left the necessary things behind to do that with, eek) and scan some pages for someone. Which means hooking this laptop up to the scanner so they can communicate. And walk the dog. And make soup. The wages of lying around most of the day (I went to the free hypnotherapy session again today and came home sleepy, made a giant breakfast for me and the Men and then went to relax it off) mean my idle hands now have much work to catch up on. As always.


Ms. Moon said...

It must have been Grand Sunset Night all over the world yesterday. There were so many pictures on FB from people in Tallahassee of our sunset.
Congratulations on the weight loss! That is wonderful, Jo! You should be proud.

Jo said...

Well, I'm happy. I'll be proud in another ten or twenty pounds :)

Mwa said...

Yay on the weight loss! I'm completely addicted to it just now.