Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Well, that, or cancer...

You can call me a cynical bitch, but at least I didn't say it on the facebook post I copied it from. That's maturity right there. 


Ms. Moon said...

I hate shit like that. I'm sorry but it's just so simplistic and ridiculous.
I think that yes, you did show a great deal of maturity.
I commend you.

Jo said...

What I hate about this one is the refusal to recognise that for a lot of people, the shit they're going through is breaking them in small or maybe big ways, and some things will never be good again as a result of it. We all know enough to know that some abuse or illness or hardship is no gift and it does the person living it a disservice to frame it as such.

And also, I really don't think we should tell other people they're strong. Great if you're not, but no one should feel bad for feeling feeble and helpless and having a horrible time when everyone's telling them they're the heroine of their own chick lit movie.