Thursday, November 26, 2015

Last night's pumpkin moon, robbed from a fellow dog walker.

I suspect my pie isn't going to taste great, it smells... unconvincing. Ah well, I bought two cans, there's no law against making another one.

Now I've to feed the child (the other child doesn't eat other than her One Oreo Milkshake a day, believe me, I'd feed her if I could) go to yoga, come back, make mushroom soup (with my student who's babysitting for me), which is thankfully easy, have pie, and then hopefully go to bed.

You know when you've invited people over, and you feel worried about whether or not they'll go home? Isn't it great when people go home? Sometimes it's too early for me, but I still love that feeling of 'AAAAAHHH' when the place is your own again and you can take off your bra. Today is a day of entirely too prolonged bra-wearing.

Do you notice people spelling 'wary' as 'weary'? Is it an auto-correct thing? I hope it is. I'll pretend to myself it is, just in case it's not. Also 'defiantly' for 'definitely'. That defiantly has to be auto-correct, right? RIGHT?? :)

I got a really great party invite for a really, really great party in the post today. It's next October, that's how great it is - invite nearly a whole year in advance. I am planning. 

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Ms. Moon said...

I'm feeling so weird, just cooking the turkey today. Like I should be doing about four hundred other things. And when I get ready for the party to be over- I'll just leave. Weird all the way around but good.