Thursday, December 31, 2015

First post of 2016!

We opened the door at midnight, and a single firework exploded in the sky, right at the end of our lane.

Jools has been great. Blues and ska and rock to end the old year and start the new. They're finshing up to the wonderful Enjoy Yourself now. Lovely :)

And Pizza. We got pizza. But my digestive system has had enough. There must be soups and salads and smoothies for several weeks, to recover.

I honestly, really, truly welcome something more positive and easy into my life for 2016. I really really do, universe, if you're listening.

I'm going to resolve to work on some things in a positive way this year. Make some attempts. Also to put more into work, so I don't feel I'm so lost and behind all the time. And I have wonderful, exciting plans to spend two weekends away next October and November, first at a friend's 50th/anniversary house party spectacular, and secondly another friend and I resolve to have our Christmas Market holiday away, buying decorations and drinking glogg and hopefully walking in the snow, maybe in ...Berlin? Why the fuck not? We had the revelation that we'd have way more fun if we went alone, rather than trying to corall our unweildy families along with us. Fun for us. Much exciting. Fingers crossed. 

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Mwa said...

Yes! Just two friends on a holiday, sounds amazing.
And I'm all behind the positive plan. Sounds wonderful. x