Friday, January 1, 2016

birthday plans

So I must have a 40th birthday celebration this year. I think it would be a bit too depressing not to, and much as I'd like to go on a monumental epic far away holiday, that's not going to happen. And also, my cousin and his wife from California will be visiting, as they're living in Switzerland at the moment.

I need to have a low maintenance party that is nevertheless partyish. What can I do?

I'm thinking buffet with lasagna and salad in large amounts. Tonight I realised, I want old fashioned champagne glasses and lots of bubbly wine to slurp from them. None of your sophisticated flutes, I want the boob ones.

And nice jazzy music. Many fairy lights. A two tiered cake. What else? What makes a party? Me. I just like wine and food and conversation. Is that enough? 


Ms. Moon said...

And lots of candles everywhere! And a cake! There must be a cake.

Jo said...

Did you miss my two tier comment? Oh, there will be cake. Probably Chocolate Cherry Torte. And I will make it, who am I kidding?

catherine said...

Happy New Year back in the land of the interweb..have had a very holed up xmas which was grand really..lots of wine and crisps in front of the telly! Your party plan sounds perfect..all bases covered .. and should have champagne saucers..just checked it there and caterhire do them so it is definitely a possibility :) hope the new year brings good tidings xx

Mwa said...

I love the boob glasses! They are fancy.
My sister is going to a 40th party. The host is getting buttons made for all her guests saying 'OK then.' I love that. Quiet resignation and then making the best of it. I have only one year until I join you...
I may call my party OK then as well.

Mwa said...

Where did my comments go? Freaky. On the previous posts as well. Did you get them?
Here, I said that my sister's friend had buttons made for her 40th which said 'Ok then'.

Jo said...

Thanks a million, Catherine! Happy New Year xx

Mwa, I've got it set for comment moderation after x amount of days to avoid spam - I hadn't seen it yet, is all :)