Friday, January 29, 2016

weary and wishing

I left the house slightly later than intended, and readied myself to sit in traffic. There was no traffic, there was a clear road. I drove down it, peering around, and wondering if was somehow Saturday.

Then I got to the traffic lights, and realised they were out.

Let that sink in - normally, a good 15 minutes of traffic on a given school day. No lights... empty road.

Do you think the council knows about this?

At the lights, the phone wires in the trees were hissing and cracking blue sparking lights. That was quite scary, but two ESB vans were pulling up, so I assumed all was under control.

Our own power has stayed constant through this series of storms we've had. Lucky.

My headache is threatening a comeback. I am weary, weary. Weary of foot, and head, and heart.

Here is what I would like, what my soul and body crave: I would like to take off any constrictive clothing I might be wearing, and crawl into a big, soft bed, where a warm, solid, affectionate man is waiting with open arms. I want to be drawn in to somebody's chest, and held against their heartbeating, letting the healing magic of skin to skin right my hormone balance and restore a sense of peace and calm.

I would like to be snuggled under fluffy covers, read to, and allowed to full asleep with a sense of security and well being, however transient (or... fake) that might be.

That is what I would like. Recently I've got better about not yearning for it much, but some days the longing sneaks back in. Tired days. I would like a hand to rub the stress out of the back of my head and neck. I would like to be squeezed tight. 


Ms. Moon said...

And that is hardly too much to ask, dammit! Jo- please know that.

Jennifer said...

How right you are. Ms Moon.

Mwa said...

I agree with Ms. Moon, too.

We had the same thing with a light around here. They put the light back on and the queues are back.